Entertaining- Art forms and their rapid success

Entertaining- Art forms and their rapid success

The food for the soul, art, has been rapidly rising in this century. Art forms have developed a large platform and attracted many of the general populace towards it. The people involved in the business of entertaining others have always strived to put forth a commendable job, thus building a reputation for themselves in that field. This has drawn many people to emulate their actions and produce something new for entertaining people. Therefore, art feeds on art itself, and it also feeds on the appreciation by the audience. An artist always loves to hear his/her work being praised.

Our Entertaining

For many years, art forms have been developing themselves, improving their inherent qualities and discovering their own new ways. While old folklore songs and cultural dance forms still leave their elegant impressions, the newly developed art performances like the stand-up shows and the new EDM forms of music have been entertaining people now.

Music and poetry:

The contribution of the artist for his/her country in their fields of expertise is a matter of pride for the countrymen. All that the artists want is love, and all that the art wants is appreciation and entertaining people, isn’t that what all of us desire?

The Old:

The instrumental music of the old times, their rhythm, their calmness and serenity still settle within us. They give us a sense of freedom, true peace, and aloofness. The legends of that golden era are still remembered with a lot of affection and fondness.

Instruments such as the sitar, the tabla, the harmonium and the flute were the magic workers that were used by the artists of the olden times. The ragas, the Sufi songs, and folklore along with the poetry of the great poets and saints expressed the life of the people during those days. Old shall always stay gold!

Plays, cinemas, and books

With the change of century, the taste of many people in music and poetry has changed. All the poems have now become contemporary; they explain the struggles and joys of the common populace explicitly. The music has gained a lot of background noise. Beats have dominated over everything. Rap songs, pop songs, remixes and EDM music have gained a lot of appreciation.


The epic beauty of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and no can still .


the grandeur of The Merchant of Books like The Great Gatsby .


The Rye are still considered to be the best even after years.

The New:

The stage beauty of the classical dance forms is immaculate. The mudras, the eye movements, the beautiful expressions have stolen the hearts of many.

The ancient dance forms still thrive and have now been developed and practiced in an entirely new form. Masters in this field have now gained recognition.